Leadership Meetings


Joint Officer's Meeting

First Wednesday of each month 7:30pm

All Ridgewood Moose Lodge #1642 & WOTM Chapter #133 Officers are welcome to attend this meeting to review the upcoming calendar and the issues affecting our lodge.

This meeting provides the leadership from both Moose Lodge #1642 and WOTM Chapter #133.

They are the heart of what makes our organization and community center so great here in Maspeth, New York


Men's General Meeting

Third Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm

Any and all members of good standing of Ridgewood Moose Lodge #1642 are welcome to attend and participate in this meeting at our community center in Maspeth New York. At this meeting we hash out all of the issues affecting our lodge and at the same time lay out our vision for our immediate and long term future for our organization and community..

If you have any ideas or events you want to suggest for the lodge, this is the meeting to attend and propose them. This is where are leadership comes to work.


WOTM Chapter #133 Meetings

Chapter Meetings are on the 2nd Friday of the month 

Business Meetings are on the 4th Friday of the  month.

Our Officers of Chapter #133 provide the leadership needed in order to bring our organization into the future.

They are what makes our Moose Lodge a true community center right here in the heart of Maspeth New York

Governor's January / February 2020 Message

Governor Erik LaMarca

 Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!

My Brothers and Sisters it is 2020, and perhaps to understand the significance of our place in

time, is to look back 100 years ago. In 1920 President Woodrow Wilson suffered a Blood Clot

that left him with Brain Damage, Paralyzed and Blind. Does anyone know what happened to the

Presidency for the remainder of his term (The next 1 and half years)? 

His wife Edith Wilson stepped in his place and was indeed the de-facto President for the rest of his term. She went as far as making decisions on behalf of her husband and when an official signature was needed, she guided his hand on the pen to sign documents. This really happened! 

In addition, 1920 brought about the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the pinnacle of Women’s Suffrage, affording women the right to vote after many years of sweat and protest. Now 100 years later, we find ourselves on so many levels equal as men and women but at the same time still striving for complete balance. To the point that when you see success in a place like Ridgewood Moose Lodge #1642, it is not contributed to the Men of the Moose or the Women of the Moose but instead by our MEMBERS. I believe that day will come. We now stand at the brink of true social evolution within our Fraternal Order. So how do we make this a reality? My Brothers and Sisters, we already have. I am proud to be a part of a Lodge that views all it’s members with value. 

As a Lodge I view us as the cornerstone of a future of equality within our Loyal order. Each newsletter I try to find something important to share with all of you. This year that truth, that importance and the realization of equality has found me after a 100-year journey of mental and moral freedom for our sisters.

Next time you are in our Social Quarters or Hall and you look across the room and see one of our WOTM, I invite you to thank them; Thank them for everything they do for us, thank them for

choosing to be your sister, for being a part of something much larger than themselves. Thank

them for being a Moose. And while you are at it consider this, you as a Moose member are a person of such integrity that you are a capable of looking towards a community first before your own standing. Thank you all for your partnership, may we all benefit from the Roaring 20’s, may

we all come together in the divine truth that our future is yet to be written but the pen that will

write it, as if it is filled by the ink of our Love, Compassion and Empathy.


WOTM Acting Senior regent January / February 2020 Message

Laura Zimmermann

 Dear Co-Workers,

I hope the holidays were memorable. “2020” is our year for fun and growth. We are working hard to encourage members to get involved by volunteering and attending events. It is the memberships that keeps our lodge going and everyone’s help is needed. Please share with your family and friends the idea of being a moose member. I feel very strongly that as a chapter we can continue to grow. Through ideas shared, making them happen with our support this is what we are about. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events and lets make 2020 the year we spread the joy of being a Moose member. Looking forward to a blessed New Year, fun and new memories made with our Moose Family.



All members of Good Standing are encouraged to run for office each year!

Lodge Member Survey

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our experience as members.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our lodge survey, 

This will help us give you a better lodge environment .

Go Moose!


A Tribute to Kathy Byrus Kruk

For being the definition of strength.

For taking initiative, commitment and guidance, and turning it into the foundation of our Lodge.

For taking time and transforming the years into the steps of the ladder that our lodge has climbed as a family..

For taking integrity and modelling all of your intentions and actions into the reflection of who we are as a community.

For being the epitome of the values of our Loyal Order.

For being a trusted leader in our WOTM Chapter.

For not being afraid to make the tough decisions and the devotion to stand behind them with conviction.

Ridgewood Moose Lodge #1642

WOTM Chapter #133

Important Message from WOTM Recorder

Please download the attached Document from our Recorder Kathy B Kruk for information of an incredible contest to win a WOTM Lifetime membership!

W.docx-12-30-19-WOMEM OF THE MOOSE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPrevised (docx)